Second-Year PreHealth Group Advising Meeting

During Advance Registration, one-on-one appointments with a Health Professions advisor are limited to:

  • Undergraduate students who have completed BIOL 141, 142, 302,and 303, plus CHEM 101, 102, 351, and 352, are currently in (or are about to enter) their Entrance Exam study phase, and plan to participate in the next immediate HPEC Cohort
  • Members of the current HPEC Cohort
  • Post-Bacc students enrolled at UMBC who are at any stage of prerequisite completion

Group advising is used to address the needs of first- and second-year PreHealth students during Advance Registration. One-on-one appointments are available to students of all levels at other times of the academic year.


…is planning to apply to Medical, Dental, Optometry, Podiatry, or Veterinary School (or is thinking about doing so) and:

is currently enrolled in CHEM 351 or CHEM 352 or BIOL 302 or BIOL 303
has completed these courses, but is not planning to enter professional school until more than two years from now

…you should attend a Second-Year PreHealth Group Advising meeting!

This meeting will address pre-professional specific advising issues for second-year students such as professional school prerequisite courses, grades, standardized exams, gaining research, clinical, and leadership experience. Between now and the meeting, students should acquire a working knowledge of the information on the office’s website. All second-year students interested in attending medical, dental, optometry, or veterinary school after they graduate from UMBC, are encouraged to attend.

Pre-professional students have at least TWO advisors–a Declared Major Advisor and a supplemental, pre-health advisor. Please read about the differences between your TWO advisors here. It is strongly suggested that each student meet with their Declared Major Advisor prior to attending the pre-health group advising session. Only your Declared Major Advisor can lift your registration block.

Session dates and times are announced through the UMBC PreMedical and PreDental Interest Group on myUMBC. Follow that Group to receive updates by email, and to view the archive of events, announcements, and information!

This session will be conducted two times each semester. The same content will be covered in both sessions. Please bring your UMBC Campus ID card with you to document your attendance.