Choosing an Application Cycle

The time to apply to professional school is when you are most competitive. For some people, that will mean applying while they are still completing their undergraduate degree. Others may need a year (or more) post-graduation to make sure that they have sufficiently demonstrated their commitment and preparedness for a career in a health profession.

Who is competitive for professional school? What is a competitive GPA or test score for medical or dental school?

The information provided at the links below focus on GPA and entrance exams scores, but applicants should be sure that they have addressed all dimensions of their application.

Information about competitive dental matriculants/enrollees:
Review ADEA enrollee data at the ADEA Applicants, Enrollees, and Graduates page.  Go to Predoctoral Students, then ADEA Reports.

Information about competitive medical (allopathic) matriculants:
Review AAMC matriculant data at the AAMC Applicants and Matriculants page.  Review AAMC MD/PhD matriculant data at the AAMC Enrollment, Graduates, and MD/PhD Data page.  Check out UMBC specific acceptance statistics at the ‘competitive’ link on this page.

Information about competitive medical (osteopathic) matriculants:
Review AACOM matriculant data at the AACOM Matriculants page.

Information about competitive optometry matriculants:
Review ASCO matriculant data at the ASCO Profiles of Applicants page.

Information about competitive podiatric medicine matriculants:
Review AACPM matriculant data at the AACPM Statistics page.

Information about competitive veterinary medicine matriculants:
Review AAVMC admitted student data at the AAVMC Admitted Student Statistics page.