PreLaw Advising

The Department of Political Science offers strong preparation for students interested in law school or employment in law-related areas which do not require law school (e.g., regulatory agencies, judicial administrations, etc.). Courses on legal subjects may also be useful to Political Science students who have other goals and to students in history, economics, American studies, African-American studies and other majors. The curriculum offers a rich variety of courses designed to help students understand the case method approach of legal interpretation, the politics and procedures of the judicial system, and the relationship of the courts in the creation of public policy. These courses are a good test of whether law school and a legal career are the right choice for the student, and they provide the basis for success if that choice is taken. While there are essential skills and information that pre-law students can gain from the study of Economics, English, History and Sociology in particular, Political Science studies political institutions that make, interpret, and enforce the law.

The department has pre-law advisors, each with a different training and perspective and all dedicated to helping students find the right career focus and to succeed under rigorous competition.

UMBC’s Pre-Law Academic Advisor is also available to advise current students from all majors and alumni interested in law school, the law school admission process, and legal and law-related careers.  For more information, please visit the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Pre-Law Advising website or contact Molly Timko, J.D. at