Research Experience

At UMBC, there are many opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in research. Please visit the Office of Undergraduate Education’s Undergraduate Research website and the Research at UMBC website for instructions on how to get started with research not only at UMBC, but also at locations across the country.  The Departments of Biological SciencesChemistry & Biochemistry, and Psychology each provide a list of faculty in accordance to their research interests.  Students who engage in scientific research (traditional bench or clinical research, humanities or social science research) build skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and learning to ask for help appropriately.  Research allows students to pursue their intellectual curiosity, to gain a better understanding of the scientific process, and to become more effective at communicating scientific information.

How to get Lab Experience

The Baltimore-Washington, D.C. corridor also offers a plethora of research opportunities at medical schools and government organizations.

Some off-campus locations where students have completed undergraduate research include:

National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD)

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (Bethesada, MD)

University of Maryland School of Medicine (Baltimore, MD)

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Research Faculty and Labs (Baltimore, MD)

Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (Catonsville, MD)

Summer Undergraduate Research Programs at Medical Schools