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The PreMedical and PreDental Advising Office serves current UMBC students and graduates (alumni) of UMBC’s undergraduate programs.

Incoming students are eligible for Health Professions Advising after they have accepted an offer of admission to UMBC. An incoming student’s transfer coursework must be received, evaluated, and applied to their UMBC records before they make an appointment with a Health Professions Advisor.

Prospective UMBC students and those in the process of applying to UMBC are not eligible for one-on-one Health Professions Advising appointments. However, they are invited to explore the PreMedical and PreDental Advising Office website to learn more about preparing for health professional school at UMBC. Representatives from our office also frequently attend events sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, so please take advantage of those opportunities. Prospective students or applicants may direct questions about the UMBC undergraduate admissions process to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.