Kick-off Workshops

HPEC Kick-off Workshops 

**Information for the HPEC 2022 Cohort** Due to the social distancing restrictions in place for the Coronavirus Pandemic, Kick-off Workshops will NOT be held for current undergraduates wishing to join the HPEC’s 2022 Cohort. Instead, current UMBC students will express their interest in joining the HPEC 2022 Cohort by completing an online interest form, just as the Alumni and Re-Applicants did for the first time in the HPEC 2021 Cohort (and will continue to do for future Cohorts). The link to the form and the deadline by which it must be submitted can be found on the Joining UMBC’s Health Professions Evaluation Committee (HPEC) Annual Cohort section of this website, beginning on or around December 15, 2020. Additional steps will be required to officially join the Cohort.
If Kick-off Workshops for current undergraduates are resumed for post-pandemic Cohorts, the description and expectations for Kick-off Workshops is included below for reference.

Kickoff Workshops are designed for students who are planning to apply to medical or dental school with the assistance of UMBC’s Health Professions Evaluation Committee (HPEC). Attending one of the Kickoff Workshops does not obligate you to apply for admission to medical or dental school in the next immediate application cycle, but the Workshops explain what students should expect during the lengthy application process, and key information to help students perform a self-evaluation of their readiness for application.

Attendance at a Kickoff Workshop is mandatory for currently enrolled students at UMBC interested in matriculating to medical or dental school during the next immediate application cycle, and is the first in a series of requirements that students must meet to qualify for the HPEC’s “Eight-Week Guarantee.”

Prior to attending a Kickoff Workshop, future applicants should review the minimum cohort requirements and the purpose of the pre-health application, or HPEC, process.

The dates, times, and locations for the Kickoff Workshops for the next HPEC Cohort will be announced through the PreMedical & PreDental Interest Group in myUMBC. 

Students who are not currently enrolled at UMBC (e.g., alumni) have a different mechanism for expressing their intent to join the HPEC Cohort. The deadline for submitting their interest form (found on the same page as the minimum cohort requirements) is February 1st.