GPA Calculators

Most professional schools include all Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Statistics courses, also known as the “BCPM” GPA, and any repeated courses in those disciplines, when calculating science GPAs.

What courses are included in the science GPAs of various types of professional schools? (maintained by Pre-Health Advising at the University of California, Merced)

Pre-meds can learn more about the AMCAS Course Classification system, here.

**NEW** Download the PreMedical and PreDental Advising Office’s Comprehensive GPA Calculator spreadsheet.

Online Cumulative GPA Calculators (which can be used as Science-only Calculators, too): (has a Print option, or instead of printing, you can opt to Save as a PDF)

College GPA Calculator (similar to the Chegg calculator, but allows break out individual semesters, and has additional tools to help understand what grades you need to improve your GPA)

Iowa State University (allows you to calculate the GPA for a subset of the courses entered into the calculator)

Miami University (includes a tool to help you understand how many credits it will take to raise your GPA)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (a hybrid of the Chegg and College GPA Calculator functionality)