OAT Study Resources

The Optometry Admission Test (OAT) and is an admissions requirement of all optometry schools.

At minimum, students should complete the following science and stat courses prior to taking the OAT: general and organic chemistry (CHEM 101, 102, 351, 352), genetics (BIOL 302), cell & molecular biology (BIOL 303), physics (PHYS 111 & 112), and a statistics course (either STAT 121 or STAT 350). Optometry school admission prerequisites are posted here. Most pre-opt students take the OAT during the same summer (June-August) during which they are completing the OptomCAS application.

ASCO’s OAT Guide (Information about exam content, scoring, and testing procedures.)


Chad’s Videos

Kaplan OAT Test Prep

Khan Academy MCAT Collection (many students use other standardized exam study resources to prepare for the OAT, such as DAT and MCAT study materials)

OAT Achiever

OAT Books Test Prep

OAT Destroyer

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