Prerequisite Course Selection

If you are exploring multiple Health Profession career pathways, you may wish to use our list of Common Professional School Prerequisites (PDF), which shows the preparatory coursework that can be applied to multiple pathways. However, there are slight differences in prerequisite coursework between Health Professions programs. Once you have narrowed down your choice of career path, you should follow the appropriate career-specific list provided below in order to address these subtle differences.

PreDental Prerequisites (PDF) & DAT Prerequisite Pathway, DAT Map (PDF)
Pre-dents can also review the ADEA AADSAS Participating Dental Schools Required and Recommended Courses

PreMedical Prerequisites (PDF) & MCAT Prerequisite Pathway, MCAT Map (PDF) [PrePodiatry students should also use these documents]

PreOptometry Prerequisites (PDF)

PreVeterinary Prerequisites (PDF)

If you have received credit for any of these recommended prerequisites through Advanced Placement (AP) testing, please see our general guidance for using AP credit toward professional school prerequisites.

For UMBC students with transferred coursework from another 2- or 4-year college or university: The recommended courses that appear on our worksheets are based on the assumption that a student enters their PreHealth career path at UMBC without any relevant prerequisite coursework on their record. If you have taken courses in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and/or Statistics at another college or university, our recommendations may need to be customized to take into account your specific background. Please schedule an appointment with a Health Professions Advisor to assess your coursework and plan your next steps.